How to Hear God?


Habakkuk 2:1-2

1 I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint.[a] 2 Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald[b] may run with it.


  1. Habakkuk 2:1 Or and what to answer when I am rebuked
  2. Habakkuk 2:2 Or so that whoever reads it


Four simple key to hear God:


1. He knew God’s voice (v2)

™ — God’s voice in your heart often sounds like a flow of spontaneous thoughts.

™ — Impression, visions or scripture


2. Hear God’s quiet (v1)

™ — Quietly worship Him (Ps 46:10)

™ —  Hear God’s inner & spontaneous thoughts.

™ — Become still so that you can sense God’s flow of thoughts.


3. Looking for vision (v1-2)

™ — Fix the eyes of your heart upon Jesus when you pray.

™—  Seeing in the spirit the dreams & visions of Almighty God.


4. Journaling your prayer with God (v2)

™ — Write out your prayer with God and His answer.

™ — Brings great freedom in hearing God’s voice

™ — Prayer is not isolated command

™ — Individual’s prayer, God replies & the prophecy from pastor.




This is my latest desktop interface, I always like to “make up” my desktop interface. 7 years ago, when I still using windows 98 SE, I change the boot to windows XP, and change the windows taskbar by windows blinds 2.0. After that, update it to be version 4. Just need to make it looking likes windows XP.

Why didn’t change the OS, because the system requirement not allow me to update my OS. I have no money because I was still a secondary school student. When the windows Vista and windows 7 come out recently, I still use the some method to let the interface looking nice and beauty due to some reason as the past. Thus, someone though I use windows Vista or windows 7 now. ^^

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Sleeping ZZZ

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
Just submited 3 assignments –>burn ou —> sleeping >>>
this statement can be used to descripbe my life in this week, especially yesterday and thursday nite…rush and fight with my assignments…T_T
sleepless whole nite, really suffering at that moment ! ~_~
After I submited it yesterday afternoon, I direct slept until mid nite.. ^ ^
Feel so good! XD This is a good experience for me since I’m study here 2.5 yaers ago, haha…:)
Never try it before, good to overcome it and will be my best memory.


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求你指教我们怎样数算自己的日子,好叫我们得着智慧的心。(诗篇9012 节)






感谢神!我在课业上学习的很多,在灵命上也有成长。我珍惜现在所有的,我会用我所剩余的时间做好自己的本分的,我相信神迹,祝福的道路就在前方,加油! ^^


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几年前,当我应用软件学习做卡时,突然我发现了一个很有趣的图案—-“一棵树”。其实,不是这棵树的图案吸引了我, 而是我感到好奇,为何它被归纳在“生日卡片类”里头,真的搞不懂哦!=.=








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Lets eat 2gether, tension…. Final is coming….

Just finish the assignment work then direct go to final?

Not easy study in uni now, strength consuming because assignment and exam, financial consuming because inflation in daily goods, time consuming because discussion…

Are you think that uni-life is very free and easy?  That is “past tense”…can’t compare with previous batch alrdy. ~_~ Challenging…

This is our dinner for 2nite, wah! Very healthy foods, cuz need to exam liao ma, hehe! ^ ^


19 Oct 2008 6:30p.m


WebSite Again

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During last Friday, when Angel told me about Miss Su need us create the exact system, I feel so SHOCK. Because she said no need to create the website before. She break the promise… melampau…
I use above 5 days to finish it, cuz my exam is coming …My paper so pack on last week…tears…
Need to present it le~ Haiz… still waiting for appoinment …. terrible…
System without database, can? can de, use hyperlink lo~
This is our home page, show 2 users, which is manager and employee.
This page shows the payment detail, only for manager version, HeHe.. Manager surely to check the MONEY de~
1st time, I type many <tr> and <td> Faint ~ =.=
Register yourself b4 log in, HaHa… This is registration form lo~ I modify it from E-Commerce’s website, HeHe…^^
Smart 2 save time!
Really give thanks and appreciate our group member-Siti to help us to finish this order form in this critical time, Arigato~:)

This is Order Form Report, juz simple and show the customer’s information.

Log In page-I use hyperlink to key-in User Name, so that User Name will be changed and displayed on the top-right
in this page after log-in, Hehe…^^