Check My Attitude

Posted: April 4, 2007 in Teaching Material

Today I realize that something is different. This is a message from heaven; I’m being blessed through a preaching.

God only will use His servant when he or she is humble and willing to give wholeheartedly. (James 1:9-10)

Let’s check our attitude…

Am I hunger and have a desire to give to God without any complain?

No person can change your mind, besides yourself. God gives us freedom to choose whether follow Him or follow Satan. When we decided to follow Jesus, this Is our own decision and promise. He never ever forces us to follow Him.

The way to heavens is very touching, at the same time not easy to enter this way. (Luk 9:24) Be strong; be bold with God’s word. When you fall down, please remember God never leave you alone. He is always being your side. (Heb 13: 5)

As an instrument for His kingdom, set a good example to let people in the world see God’s miracle, feel the love of God. Shinning for God, bring them together to win the city for Jesus.

Help yourself breakthrough and be boldness and courage to face the challenges in front of our eyes. Move forward to win the prices. (Phil 3:13-14) Be faithful in God and as a blessing for others.


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