Overcome the difficulties

Posted: April 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
I know God really allows me take this challenging to mould me and train me to be a more strong and bibical people in God’s house. Since I promise I join the multimedia team as a trainee and prepare to serve in this way. "My friend"—>Blue Thunder causes problem in his hareware part… … As you know, I always called my computer or laptop as "friend" because it was my behaviour since 5 years ago.
6 years ago, I always used computer in my study. Besides, it very useful for me to manage my document and notes. It was very important for me in my study. Indeed, fun and entertainment provided. At the same time, I learn a lot of the software to function certain works and improve my computer skill and knowledge as well. I feel that I will dead if live without computer. 
I facing a lot of challenging to produre a good presentation and video because I didn’t have a good computer with a good system requirement. It makes me very terrible if I want to make the video clip. I pray hard that God really open the way for me. So that, I able to repair it as soon as possible. But no matter what situation and circumstance, I will continue to preserve on. At least I have a desire and herat to serve in this area, I put all the trust to God. I use this skills to glorify God, I willing to do it even I’m not PRO because I not taking multimedia. To improve our church, the presentation also want to improve in quality as well. I know that God speak to me tonight, and I will continue to seek the software and the opinion from who PRO in multimedia to improve my skills in this ministry.  
During this peroid, I learn a lot, thank you God. I still alive even without my friend,Blue Thunder. Lord, I hope it will recovery soon because it is important in my study and my ministry. In Jesus name, A-men!

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