Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

My exam is finish soon, I’m feel so glad…

During this exam period, I didn’t spend my time so much to do my revision, I gather with my sister and pray for UMS care group.

I believe that God have his plan for me as well. I feel tried actually. So that, I need more prayer to restored my soul and renew my spirit. Unfortunately, I fall sick during the exam period, I know that God really need me realize His power to testify His miracle in my life, I believe everything happen in our life God is in control.

I just uphold my exam to God’s hand, I feel “lucu” because I dizzy until I confuse the subject during the exam. I feel so shock when I sitting the exam on this afternoon. This is my first time and last time, I just pray for Holy Spirit lead my hand and my mind and finish it then I just uphold to God’s hands.

So amazing, I find my pendrive today. I pray for my friend—Blue Thunder, hopefully, God’s hand will heal its soon.

~ Everything God in control!~




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