Internet and Global Warming

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

Online chatting, e-mail, online gaming, files sharing and transferring……

“Funny, fast, convenience and save cost…”People always said like that nowadays.


Computer researcher started to create me in the year 1960s, in the developing time around 40 years. People start to use me widely in the year 1990s.


Who am I? I am internet. HeHe.. I’m very useful for people; really want to give thanks to the programmer created me since many years ago. I’m will appear and display my various beautiful interface webpage when people click the internet browser through their computer.  


People always use me to do their own works. For business man, they use me to connect with the client daily for bargain their business. For student, they use me to gather the information for doing their homework. For teenager, they use me to update their blog and playing online games. Besides, I’m still bringing a lot of fun and advantage to people, so that people love me. Some of them feel “fever” about me; some of them will feel “die” without me in their lifetime.


HaHa… I feel glad to bring fun and able to help people to finish their works. I’m proud about myself, as a precious and necessary for man in their daily life.


One day, people feel sad because they facing the global warming problem, today this problem is very serious and affect the ecosystem on the earth. I’m feeling so sad because they said I’m the one of the reasons to cause this problem. I’m won’t disappear again if the computer damaged, some of the people throw the computer hardware everywhere. It shows that the irresponsibility attitude of man and it makes me to be the reason to show my weakness…


I ‘m crying now, and the nature of ecosystem also crying with me… We waiting for rescuer to stop it, are the people really can consider our feeling and willing to give their helping hands to us?



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