Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

  Em C G D

It’s all about You, Jesus

                                   Em C

And all this is for You

         G                         D

For Your glory and Your fame

               Em C

It’s not about me

      G                                  C

As if You should do things my way

Em            Dsus D       C

You alone are God and I surrender

        G    C Em Dsus D

To Your ways


G C    Dsus D      G

Jesus, lover of my soul

C             G               Dsus D

All consuming fire is in Your gaze

G C    Dsus D        G

Jesus, I want You to know

C             G          Dsus D

I will follow You all my days


    Em             C          Em   C

For no one else in history is like You

    G         D               Csus C

And history itself belongs to You

Em         C              Em    C

Alpha and Omega, You have loved me

    G            C             D Dsus D

And I will spend eternity with You
Recently, this song touch me so much. God speaks to me, all the thing that I have and I do is glorify Him, not myself.
May God continue to lead me, transfrom me and change me more according His wonderful planning.


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