WebSite Again

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
During last Friday, when Angel told me about Miss Su need us create the exact system, I feel so SHOCK. Because she said no need to create the website before. She break the promise… melampau…
I use above 5 days to finish it, cuz my exam is coming …My paper so pack on last week…tears…
Need to present it le~ Haiz… still waiting for appoinment …. terrible…
System without database, can? can de, use hyperlink lo~
This is our home page, show 2 users, which is manager and employee.
This page shows the payment detail, only for manager version, HeHe.. Manager surely to check the MONEY de~
1st time, I type many <tr> and <td> Faint ~ =.=
Register yourself b4 log in, HaHa… This is registration form lo~ I modify it from E-Commerce’s website, HeHe…^^
Smart 2 save time!
Really give thanks and appreciate our group member-Siti to help us to finish this order form in this critical time, Arigato~:)

This is Order Form Report, juz simple and show the customer’s information.

Log In page-I use hyperlink to key-in User Name, so that User Name will be changed and displayed on the top-right
in this page after log-in, Hehe…^^


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