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This is my latest desktop interface, I always like to “make up” my desktop interface. 7 years ago, when I still using windows 98 SE, I change the boot to windows XP, and change the windows taskbar by windows blinds 2.0. After that, update it to be version 4. Just need to make it looking likes windows XP.

Why didn’t change the OS, because the system requirement not allow me to update my OS. I have no money because I was still a secondary school student. When the windows Vista and windows 7 come out recently, I still use the some method to let the interface looking nice and beauty due to some reason as the past. Thus, someone though I use windows Vista or windows 7 now. ^^

Enjoy the interface changing anytime, thanks a lot for the desktop customize tools!

p/s: if you care for your OS running speed, please don’t apply any desktop customize tools for your windows.



Posted: October 21, 2007 in Others
Thought this days , i think i really find out the short-run direction, sometimes the temptation and problem will come, but what can i do is analize the situation 1st, dun tell the problem to people, because people are not sincere and not real. They may hurt others. Becareful for people around us. Tell God and always looking for God if strom is coming. With Your stenght and hope, nothings is impossible. Let Holy Spirit continue to lead us move forward.


Posted: April 10, 2007 in Others
是压力让我透不过气吗? 是悲伤让我的泪水不禁地夺眶而出吗?我真想有位天使来到我身边。。。
Holy,Holy… <Angel> 一首让我心中有平安的歌。一旦遇到挫折时,可以让我再次看到希望。。。是那天使的声音停止我的泪光。
3/4/07,1:46 a.m

Learning to Create Website

Posted: April 4, 2007 in Others

Glad to download some guideline from internet and learn it by myself. ^^

Every holiday, I must learn something to upgrade my knowledge or skill. I learn do website using Dreamweaver to create website without database , this is only basic html. Basically, it is not so hard. As long as it useful for my minor subject, hehe…


Design shows in Dreamweaver mode.


Finished and shows it by IE.


Will learn more functions soon and utilize it in next semester.


Posted: December 24, 2006 in Others